Laser Materials Microprocessing

Virtual ICALEO Attendee

To ensure the safety of all of our participants we have decided to transition to a virtual ICALEO this year. 

We are committed to bringing the same quality to presentations that you have come to expect from a traditional ICALEO directly to attendees.  Each attendee will experience interactive sessions on Monday and Tuesday, then starting Wednesday the presentations will be available on demand. There will also be additional content starting on Wednesday as an added bonus to our attendees.

The Microprocessing track will consist of papers featuring a wide spectrum of applications and innovative equipment for materials processing in microscales. The presentations will introduce the latest and greatest advancements in their respective fields, presented by world leading companies and research organizations.

Session Search

Day Session Title
NA On-demand Only Fundamental Study on High-Speed Surface Processing of Metal by Angled Irradiation of Single-Mode CW Fiber Laser
NA On-demand Only Correlation of Optical Signal During Laser Fusion Welding of Copper to Aluminum
NA On-demand Only Enhanced Heating by Microdroplet Lens in Nanoparticle Electrospray Laser Deposition
NA On-demand Only Edge Microwelding of Ultra-Thin Aluminum Foils by SPI Pulsed Fiber Laser
NA On-demand Only Evaluation of Excimer Laser Ablation Using Water Washable Protective Coatings
NA On-demand Only Process Strategies for Laser Cutting of Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Battery Production
NA On-demand Only Water Jet Guided Laser Micro Drilling of Aerospace Alloys: Correlation of Material Properties to Process Time and Quality
Monday Micro Session I New Possibilities in Glass: Cutting, Welding, Interposer with USP Laser - Latest Application Results
Monday Micro Session I Pump-Probe Imaging of Ultrafast Laser-Matter Interactions Inside Transparent Materials.
Monday Micro Session I Ultrafast Laser Fabrication of Components for In-Vivo Sensing and Imaging
Monday Micro Session I Pulse Width Dependence of Ablation Threshold and Ablation Rate
Monday Micro Session II High Precision Beam Shaping System for Ultra-Productive High Energy Laser
Monday Micro Session II Thermal Response of Bessel Beam-Heated Microdroplets Carrying Nanoparticles for Deposition
Monday Micro Session II Beam Shaping for Ultrafast Laser Applications
Monday Micro Session III Characterization and Functionalization of Flexographic Printing Forms for an Additive Manufacturing Process of Polymer Optical Waveguides
Monday Micro Session III Effect of Laser Power on Conductivity and Morphology of Silver Nanoparticle Thin Films Prepared by a Laser Assisted Electrospray Deposition Method
Monday Micro Session III Multiphase Simulation of High-Throughput via Drilling in Laser Micromachining Applications
Tuesday Micro Session IV Development of the Combined Spatial and Temporal Pulse Modulation for the Laser Impulse Metal Bonding Process
Tuesday Micro Session IV Novel Developments in High-Power Blue Diode Lasers Sources and Their Applications
Tuesday Micro Session IV Welding Copper to Aluminum With Green Laser Wavelength of 515 nm