Laser Additive Manufacturing

With new suppliers and devices entering the market daily, and a greater range of materials and material suppliers, Laser Additive Manufacturing is one of the highest growth areas within manufacturing globally. The Laser Additive Manufacturing track shines a spotlight on the latest techniques in additive manufacturing—from part design and process chain to finished product. Don’t miss out!

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Day Session Title
NA On-demand Only Cyber-Physical Approach Towards Semi-Autonomous Post-Processing of Additive Manufactured Parts and Components
NA On-demand Only Single-shot Laser Additive Manufacturing of Customizable Micro-optics
NA On-demand Only Laser-Induced Drop Transfer by the CYCLAM-Technique: Comparing Aluminium With Steel by High Speed Imaging
NA On-demand Only Effect of Path Accuracy on Additively Manufactured Specimens by Laser Material Deposition 6-Axis Robots
NA On-demand Only Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Solid Stainless Steel Parts Manufactured by Laser Metal Deposition
NA On-demand Only Experimental and Computational Analysis of Copper Wick Structures Using Laser Sintering Technology for Thermal Management Applications
NA On-demand Only Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Made Ti-5553 Parts
NA Poster Effect of Input Energy on Hardness and Surface Quality in Ti64 by Sputter-Less SLM with Modulated Pulse
NA Poster On-Axis Optical Emission Sensing and Calibration for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing
NA Poster Cu Paste Sintering Using Laser Compression Bonder for Electric Vehicle's Power Semiconductor Chip Bonding
NA Poster Thermal Conditions for 3D Printing Metal Structures by Selective Laser Melting
Monday Direct Energy Deposition Process Technology Effect of Heat Accumulation on the Single Track Formation During Laser Metal Deposition and Development of a Framework for Analyzing Advanced Process Strategies
Monday Direct Energy Deposition Process Technology Development of SLM Process Using 200W Blue Diode Laser for Pure Copper Additive Manufacturing of High Density Structure
Monday Direct Energy Deposition Process Technology Development of a High-Speed Laser Material Deposition Process for Additive Manufacturing
Monday Power Bed Fusion Process Technology Effect of Pre-HIP Defects, Part Position, and Powder Quality on the Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Monday Power Bed Fusion Process Technology Non-Intrusive Estimation of Sub-Surface Geometrical Attributes of the Melt Pool Through the Sensing of Surface Oscillations in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Monday Power Bed Fusion Process Technology Transient Dynamics and Stability of Keyhole at Threshold in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Regime Investigated by Finite Element Modeling
Monday Sensing Technology I High-Speed Imaging of Internal Flaw Formation During Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Monday Sensing Technology I Digitalization of Directed Energy Deposition Process Through a Multi-Directional Height Monitoring Sensor System
Monday Sensing Technology I The Dynamic Relationship Between Laser Absorption and Keyhole Geometry