Laser Materials Macroprocessing

The Macroprocessing track includes some of the most prolific laser processing applications. Although these applications have been widely adopted, researchers and industry are continually innovating to provide new techniques and novel technologies to improve macro materials processing. Discuss the results of your research and testing with your peers in these macroscopic specialized sessions.

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Day Session Title
NA On-demand Only Laser Transmission Welding With a Multi-Focal Optic
NA On-demand Only The Influence of Microstructure in Weld on the Welded Joints Quality in Aluminum Alloy Laser Welding
NA Poster The Hot Cracking Susceptibility Subjected the Laser Beam Oscillation Welding on 6XXX Aluminum Alloy With a Partial Penetration Joint and the Stress Field Analysis Using FEM Simulation
NA Poster Pure Copper Rod Formation by Multi-Beam LMD Method With Blue Diode Lasers
Monday Process Optimization and Modeling Just How (In)Efficient Is My Laser System? Identifying Opportunities for Theoretical and Auxiliary Energy Optimisation.
Monday Process Optimization and Modeling Numerical Analysis of Fiber Laser Welding of Low Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Under Different Welding Conditions
Monday Process Optimization and Modeling Numerical Simulation of the Influence of “∞” Shaped Aluminum Alloy Laser Scanning Welding on the Weld Porosity
Monday Process Optimization and Modeling Applying Optical Coherence Tomography for Weld Depth Monitoring in Remote Laser Welding of Automotive Battery Tab Connectors
Monday Visible Wavelength Surface Treatment on Microalloyed Steel Using Circular, Square, and Triangular Laser Beam Oscillation Strategy
Monday Visible Wavelength Latest Update of Laser Welding Applications Using kW- Class Beam Sources in the Visible Wavelength Area
Monday Visible Wavelength Development of Hybrid Laser Welding System With Blue Diode Laser and Single Mode Fiber Laser
Monday Welding I Laser Multi-Pass Narrow-Gap Welding of Large Steel Structures with Modern Diode Lasers
Monday Welding I Unique Laser Applications Using Washable Coatings
Monday Welding I The Challenge of Welding Mixed Material. Strategies for Joining Copper and Aluminum With a Single Mode Laser
Tuesday Cutting Fundamental Study on Reduction of Dross in Fiber Laser Cutting of Steel by Shifting Nozzle Axis
Tuesday Cutting Development of Cutting for High Power Laser and Beam Damper Technics
Tuesday Cutting Analysis of Polarization Maintaining Behavior in Highly Multimode Step-Index Fibers
Tuesday Cutting Laser Drilling of Large Carbon Fiber Structures Using Macro Trepanning Optics
Tuesday Non-metal Processing Laser-Based Welding for Repair of Thermoplastic CFRP Components
Tuesday Non-metal Processing Evaluation of the Joint Based on Different Surface Conditions for Aluminum-Polyamide Laser Welding