Dr. Abdalla R Nassar

About Dr. Abdalla R Nassar

Dr. Abdalla R. Nassar is an Associate Research Professor and a department head within the Materials Science Division of the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State. Dr. Nassar also has Graduate Faculty appointments with the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department, the Additive Manufacturing & Design Graduate Program, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State. He has worked in the field laser processing of metals for over a decade and specifically focused on laser-based AM of metals over the past eight years. He has led and participated in numerous programs on powder bed fusion and directed energy additive manufacturing. In particular, he has developed software and algorithms related to direct integration of AM processes with computational models, implemented data acquisition and control systems on lab-scale and commercial additive manufacturing equipment, discovered defect-detection strategies, designed advanced thermal management systems utilizing PBFAM, and investigated novel strategies for microstructural control, part build-up, and post- processing methods for AM components. His work has led to over seven patent filings along with several dozen peer-reviewed publications.