Dr. Ty Olmstead

About Dr. Ty Olmstead

Dr. Ty Olmstead has been the Director of Technology at Ocean Insight (formerly Ocean Optics Inc.) since 2016 bringing with him over 20 years as a technology leader developing optic and photonic systems and integrating them into architectures for custom applications. As a senior member of the leadership team at Ocean Insight, Dr. Olmstead drives R&D, product development, and custom solutions using by balancing the fine edge of innovation and structured engineering and quality principles. With several publications on the subjects of femtosecond lasers, multispectral image analysis, and ophthalmic/biomedical optical systems achieved over his career, Dr. Olmstead’s offerings to the world of academia are as broad as his experience in industry with his development of biomedical optics systems, spectroscopic systems, and in-depth experience from proof of concept, through clinical implementation, to end of life PLM. Dr. Olmstead’s entrepreneurial nature has also been demonstrated as a founding engineer and Technical Director at LENSAR, where his team performed advanced R&D, clinical prototyping, and development of commercial systems. Additionally, Dr. Olmstead won a Halma Accelerate Convergence Trailblazer Award for his efforts in building convergence programs between Ocean Insight and its sister companies under Ocean’s parent company, Halma.