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Would like to support our fight against cancer? Even if you are not an active runner or walker you can still contribute with a donation. Click the "Fight Cancer" button below to donate or join in the fun walk/run!

Fight Cancer

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ICALEO 2020 Charity Event

LIA’s Run with the President - Supporting American Cancer Society in Memory of Bill Shiner

The LIA Laser Running Club meets annually at LIA’s ICALEO conference. This year along with the experience of a virtual conference, ICALEO 2020 is hosting a virtual walk/run in Bill Shiner’s memory. In honoring the family’s wishes this event will raise money in support of the American Cancer Society.

Bill Shiner Photo

Bill Shiner

“Those that knew Bill best will fondly remember how he enjoyed every day of his life and brought fun and laughter to everyone around him. He loved joke-telling, was a legendary practical joker, and a gadget collector.

Bill was intimately involved in the LIA. He was a founding member and served on the LIA Board of Directors for over 40 years.He was LIA President in 2007. In 2009 he was recognized with the LIA’s President’s Award for his many years of support for LIA and his contribution to its success.

Bill helped start this great industry and stayed active until the end for a good reason – he loved it and he knew there was a lot more to come. It is up to those who are left to step up and take the industry to the next level. Rest in peace Bill!”

The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society has been in this fight for more than 100 years. We’ve played a role in almost every major cancer research breakthrough in the last century and have funded the research of 49 investigators who went on to win the Nobel Prize. Our rigorous peer-review process is top notch, and we have reach into over 200 institutions nationwide - which allows us to invest in the very best research projects. We know what to do when it comes to cancer research. But we need your help at this critical moment.

“Each year, we invest $100 million in new research. Because of the budget shortfall, we are at risk of cutting cancer research funding by 50 percent this year -- this would represent our lowest investment in this century. Failing to invest in research now means that we will have fewer preventative tools, fewer treatment options, lost progress towards a cure, and ultimately, more deaths from cancer in the future.”

To learn more about the American Cancer Society by clicking on the Cancer Research Funding Crisis brochure. 

Please join us as we raise money to help support this wonderful organization in Bill Shiner's memory. 

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